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I think I was born a gamer and artist, and in combination: a gaming artist. 
I can not remember a time before I was drawing with pencils, crayons, paint
or building creations with plastic animals and legos.

Throughout my life I have only been truly happy when I have had a creative project in the works, and most likely more than a few.

Like many gamers I started in the hobby with D&D as a lad.  I was very interested in the miniatures, though I was too poor to buy any, and would not have any of my own miniatures until college, when I was introduced to Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
And so a lifelong addiction to the art & joy of miniatures was born.

While I do not get as much time to do actual gaming as I would like, I still have the ever-present need to create miniatures projects: from small skirmish bands to large armies... historical, fantasy & science fiction... I love them all. 

I have a degree in European History, have studied religions, mythologies and ancient cultures.
I have traveled to many countries (though never enough) and I bring all these influences into ideas for miniatures.

I know many people also appreciate fine miniatures, the joy of owning them and understand the exponentially increased fun they have when playing a game with nicely painted miniatures rather than unpainted, half or poorly painted miniatures.  However some people either do not have the artistic skill to match their artistic taste, or don't have the time to devote to make it happen. 
If that is you, you've come to the right place.

I enjoy putting as much effort and creativity into a commission project as I do my own. I can't compete with the slashed prices from studios in the developing world that do fast copies which mimic stock game company schemes, but I think I do offer something they do not: the creative vision of a gamer who will understand what you want and work with you to create something unique that you will be happy and proud to game with for years to come.

If I spend my life helping to create more small worlds and peopling them with new creations, helping others to be able to enjoy it too, then I'll be quite satisfied.