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Items below are for sale and ready to go.
Ready-for-sale items tend to be less expensive than commissions.
   Why? These are not hand-me-down or used items, they are newly painted, and I offer them at less than commission prices because these are things I wanted to paint for fun in my free time,
and are often created from discounted miniatures, kit-based from minis and bits from previous projects, etc.
   If something here strikes your fancy, take advantage of the discounted prices & how fast they can get to you,
just contact me about what you're interested in purchasing by going to the contact page.

Bloody Bone Breakers
16 team members and 4 custom themed tokens

See more pictures of the team here: http://laughingferret.blogspot.com/2013/10/blood-bowl-orcs-new-team-essence-of-game.html

The Valkyries

18 Miniatures and a set of 3 themed Tokens.
Team can be played as either Amazons or Norse.
Numbers painted in Norse Rune style.

See more pictures of the team here.

Quite possibly the most iconic image of Privateer Press' Hordes: The Troll Mountain King

This beast is lovingly painted and will make an awesome center piece for your army.

To get a sense of scale, the base is the size of a CD !

Even if you don't play Warmachine & Hordes, just imagine this beast hitting the table in your game of Kings of War, Frostgave or an unexpected end boss in D&D.  Endless possibilities.

This miniature was chosen for the banner for the Facebook group Warmachine Hordes Painting Group for June!

For more pictures, proceed here: Mountain King

Repainted Out Of Production Collectible mounted on a Warhammer 50mm square base.

The very best Harryhausen Cyclops sculpt I have seen.  

A true classic ready to unleash on your battlefield.

Click the Cyclops to find more pictures of him.

A great starter fleet for Battlefleet Gothic, or as to represent an independent
eldar pirate captain hired to throw in with your admiral's fleet.

Makes a great fleet for any spaceship game: Firestorm Armada, Full Thrust, etc.

Painted with a nice transition from darkest blue black through laser blue edging.

An eye-catching and sharp fleet.

Contains one Eclipse Cruiser and 3 Nightshade escorts as shown.

Click the picture for more. 

Terrain set of these two pieces: $25

Set of two jungle trees: $12
  3 sets available.

Bargain Basement: Discounted Miniatures & Bitz for your own conversion projects!

--Free shipping not available due to the nature of some of the items.
If interested, just tell me which items you'd like, your zip code and I'll find the most affordable way to get your items to you.

Eldar Weapons Bits: I have a large number of Eldar vehicle weapons bits.. bright lances, shurican cannons, missle launchers, etc.

Kroot Bits: I have a large number of Kroot Bodies & Heads (no arms)

Hordes Minion Maximus, New in Blister, $15 includes US shipping.

Eldar Jetbike Autarch upgrade bits: Jetbike not included: $12.50

Warhammer Lizardmen Shields: 5 for $2.50.  Will consider further bundled discount.

Check here for current my Auctions on Ebay