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I schedule a 'fanned' pattern so several commissions can run concurrent at different stages.  So if you have a project in mind, let me know and we'll find the best time for its completion.

I do love Blood Bowl: a fun game and a great sized project to really create something special.
So you will often see Blood Bowl teams here.

But I am just as happy painting anything, so just let me know what you have in mind.

From Historical, to Sci-fi, Fantasy or other genres, I'm comfortable with them all.


I specialize in creating unique custom projects, from single figures to entire armies.

When painting for a client, the same care and devotion goes into the client's project as a personal one.
That being the case, as a general rule I don't offer the lower "tabletop" level of painting that some studios do.
If you are seeking a painting service that will get a serviceable job knocked out for your army for a few bucks per model, there are many reliable companies that will fit your needs. 

To be direct, what many studios label "tabletop" quality is something I would not be enthusiastic about pushing around a tabletop battlefield myself. Therefore I hesitate to use the term "Tabletop Quality".  If you are interested in this style of painting, I would not reject the project out of hand, but I am more interested in working on higher quality projects, so accepting the commission would depend on my schedule and the interest of the project.

If you are looking for something more than minimally serviceable 'Tabletop' quality, you have come to the right place.

Commissions don't have to be large projects: Do you want one single miniature for a Role Playing game, or an Army commander?  No problem.  Do you want an army of hundreds of miniatures?  Not a problem either. 

While most people commission for 28mm miniatures, that is not the limit of this studio. 
Have a 15mm project? Maybe you want a nice looking 10mm ancients or 6mm modern or sci-fi army? Not a problem!  The pricing guide below is for 28mm miniatures, but smaller scale miniatures are much less expensive, so if you have a smaller scale project, just ask for a quote.

If you are a dedicated painter, who prefers to paint their own miniatures, this studio can still provide you with more than just inspiration and ideas.  Many who prefer to play with miniatures they paint themselves find they don't have time to assemble, or don't have the time or skill to create the conversions they envision.  If you find yourself in such a situation you have found the solution. 

Commissions are available for higher-end assembly & conversions: from single miniatures to full armies. Commission preference is for quality jobs, rather than the "clip & glue" being done in some of the sweat-shop style studios.
If you want a project that is unique, well created and ready for your own brush, contact for a quote today!

*** 10% discount on any commission of World of Twilight models ***

This is a great new game from a new independent company. 
Often called 'Boutique Games", these independent ranges and games are not only refreshing, but are what drive the creative life blood of the hobby.  Try something new: it may be the start of the next big established game, and will undoubtedly be unique & interesting. 
I've been enjoying painting mine and playing the game, so I'm offering a discount, hoping others will enjoy it as well.

World of Twilight is a fun skirmish game with an innovative mechanic and compelling background.

Visit them at http://www.worldoftwilight.com/ to see more.

    Click here to go to the fine details page for more information on scheduling & payments.

"Army Class" is the 'Tabletop Quality' of a few colors and minimal shading and highlighting.  
Fairly inexpensive, starting around $7 per model.  I don't usually accept commissions of this type.

Squad Class: A higher level of painting.  Good Quality.  Something I'd be happy to push around the table myself.  Recommended for large armies or small squads when on a budget.  Often good for heavy use miniatures as well, such as Blood Bowl.  Many colors, Shade lining between items such as weapons, helmets, straps, etc, At least 3 levels of gradation between shade & highlight. Eyes are painted & can include simple iconography. 

Rates start around $20 per model.

Elite Squad Class: A very high level of painting. Win or lose, your miniatures will look good doing it. A good choice for finely detailed models that you want to stand out. Command sections for large units, Blood Bowl teams, skirmish squads for games like Warmachine, Malifaux, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Infinity, Alkemy, etc. Similar to Squad class: just more focus, care & attention given to make them something even more special. 

Rates start around $33 per model.

Character Class: The highest level of painting I offer. Not limited to individual miniatures, but well suited to them.  If you want a group or even an entire army with that level of care & attention however, I will be happy to make that happen. Appropriate for very detailed miniatures. This class always starts with a white base coat for maximum color impact and effect.  Wet blending and multiple glazing layers are used.  The painting class you want if you want your miniature to stand out and look appropriate as a centerpiece. Smooth blending, freehand design, limited pallet with wide spectrum of lights and shadows, all of these aspects can be found in this type of painting class. 

Rates vary widely as the nature of character types vary, but many start around $70 per model for simpler sculpts.

Terrain:  A nice army looks even better on a nice battlefield.  Terrain is the finishing touches to a nice miniatures game.  With full experience in terrain painting & creation, there is no limit to the battlefields you can have from Laughing Ferret Studio. Look for terrain ready to buy coming in 2012.  I'm always accepting commissions for any type of terrain at any time.

Conversions: Imagination is a limitless potential for your miniatures. If the ideal miniature for you does not exist, but you have an idea, or are looking for a fresh idea, then a commission with conversions is for you and something I'll be happy to provide.

Contact me with any questions you have and I'll be happy to discuss your project with you.

Email me at: Laughingferret@yahoo.com  or through this site.

Use this the link below to pay by Credit Card for a Commission which we have discussed and agreed upon.

This is for use if you do not have a Paypal Account and wish to pay by credit card.
Simply follow the instructions and in the donation input the amount we agreed upon.

This is a work-around Paypal's Credit Card system since commission items do not come in standard prices or have set items for a shopping cart. Please only use this for commissions we have discussed and scheduled, and for the correct amount.

Click the payment image below to go to Paypal to pay by Credit Card.