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Below is a sample of some of my personal projects

A collection of every Blood Bowl team I've painted,both personal & commissions. 
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The Bayou Elves are a project I began in September 2009.
It is to be a warhammer wood elf army,
but with a twist: They are swamp dwellers.

This is part of the GCXII, or "Glass Cabinet 12" on
The Warhammer Forum.
12 Gamers (more or less)
creating 12 armies in 12 months
with updates every 12th of the month.

Click on the Creature on the left to visit the Bayou!

The Army After 6 Months

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The Quar of Phobos is a Victorian Science Fiction project army.
The campaign uses the Martian Empires rules, modified for 28mm
and the Mighty Empires campaign rules, with Victorian era armies battling over Venus.

I'll be updating the project on my hobby blog (links on this site) and
at the Lead Adventure Forum in the VSF Adventures subforum.

A force from the Belgian Congo invades Europe hoping to put a quick end to WWII

Follow the progress of this project on the Laughing Ferret Lab hobby blog!

The first of what I hope will be many trolls!

Baldur's Boulders is a project for Hordes Circle of Orboros faction.

I didn't care for the look of the Constructs so I made my own.

I wanted a more natural & round, less carved & crafted look for the Constructs.

The start of my new team: The Flying Valkyries: an all-female Norse team

The Bandidos of El Rojo

The "Vulcan's Hammers".  My Blood Bowl team from the 2010 league: Now sold to a great guy: may they bring many victories & happy games!

The local club has a Mordheim League once a week, so I painted these guys up to play.  The idea was an English raiding party from the 100 yrs war....

This is "Henry the Bastard", veteran of the Hundred Years War. 
Somehow he and some of his men have found themselves in Mordheim! Adding a large fellow and a small fellow to their numbers, they try to survive in this ruined nightmare of a city. 

The Scottish Dwarf, Angus MacHagas, will be joining them next.

In my opinion the most compelling & original miniatures & setting to come along in the last decade (although Zombiesmith's Quar are right up there: another project that is impatiently waiting to be started).

If you have never seen this range, do yourself a favor and visit http://www.worldoftwilight.com/ The game is a fun & original miniatures skirmish game and the miniatures are the most characterful around. 
Imagine a world of Medieval level culture & technology, but very unlike our earth.  People it with beings that wouldn't be out of place in "The Dark Crystal" and you've got a glimpse of this world.

I'm starting with the protagonists: The Fubarnii and their constant threat, the Devanu.

The 'Unfinished Project Challenge" over at TGN is soon coming to a close, and my project will remain unfinished.. unfortunately. With the amount of commissions lately I just didn't have time to paint them all. 
But TWF is having a Spring Painting Motivational Challenge starting in March and I'll be trying to find time to finish the Fubarnii faction and updates will be over there.

If you hadn't noticed in the commission section, I am offering a 10% discount on any Twilight commissions just because I want to encourage and support this amazing game & range.

Devanu Hunting Party

A new Obsession... more will be coming.. so many more...

These work surprisingly well in 15mm scale. The rippers are just more than man-sized and the Genestealer is a true Cthulian Nightmare.
15mm "Wookies"

This batch here must have the Flight of the Conchord's "The Humans are Dead" song playing..